Bluefin Tuna 250kg

Personal Profile of Yoichi Mogi,: the guy who fishes the world
Translated by his gaijin friend in Tokyo

Mogi is originally from Gunma Prefecture Japan.

He seriously gets involved in big fish angling when he was 25 years old. Starting from land-base fishing from the rock, he fishes for giant grouper/jewfish, giant trevally and other big fishes. In 1988 he formed fishing club gGrouper Boysh and since then he travels almost every month across Japan and around the world for fishing expeditions.

In 1993, he started a new fishing technique using heavy jigs to fish water above 100-meter depth. He called the technique gSuper Deep-Jiggingh, and this technique is now very popular in Japan.

He will travel to any place in the world, Africa or Costa Rica or anywhere if he heard he could catch big fish there. He doesnft like trolling though, and prefers lure casting. If you want to know more about him, please drop him a line. Please let him know also if you have any new information for fishing outside Japan.

Giant Trevally 50kg

Main Personal Record

50 kg Amberjack - Japan
40 kg Samsonfish - Australia
50 kg Giant Trevally - Indonesia
37 kg Jack Almaco - Costa Rica
5.5. kg Tigerfish - Zambia
52 kg Sailfish - Costa Rica
80 kg Tarpon - Costa Rica
90 kg Dogtooth Tuna - Australia
50 kg Napoleon - Australia

Present Professional Position

Chairman of gGrouper Boysh, a fishing club with 140 members



50kg Amberjack


80kg Tarpon 30kg King Fish
65kg Napoleonfish
90kg Dogtooth Tuna